Barbie's Pups

Some months ago we rescued a wonderful little girl with her 7 pups.  We named her Barbie.  She was a wonderful mum and had been doing the best she could to take care of her babies.  Freedom Angels took them under our care and had them all heath checked and vaccinated.  Once the babies were weaned, Barbie came to the UK and she is now living happily in her forever home.  It is now the turn of the 7 little ones to follow their mum here and find their own forever homes.  Six boys and one girl all incredibly cute and wonderfully sweet.  They are 4 months old and will be arriving in the UK on 6th December.

Location: Romania
Age: Approx 4 MONTHS old
Gender: Male
Guardian(s): Katrina
Status: Adopted

Added: 25th November 2020