Shaun The Beautiful is looking for his special human.
Shaun is aprx 5 years old Redbone Coonhound mix, a large dog standing tall and proud!
Shaun been found wandering on a hills when he was just a puppy... and spend last 4 years in a kennel. Shaun is a very affectionate with people and loves cuddles .
He is friendly with other dogs and loves to play with his best mate Georgie. In the group of hounds ,that he is , he is top dog and has first choice with the food. Even though he is a bit bossy sometimes around food he is a lovely boy with a very kind nature .
We are looking for a family who can give Shaun love and security what he well deserved:) . He is strong active dog and needs a lot exercise . The family with an active lifestyle will be good for Shaun.
All dogs under protection of our charity comes with microchip,vaccinated and neuter ,rescue back up and 5 weeks free pet insurance .

Location: Cyprus
Age: Approx 5 Years Old old
Gender: Male
Guardian(s): Vasilisa
Status: Available

Added: 2nd January 2021