Hello my special Human
My name is Julie . I am aprx 5 yo in a medium size beautiful girl . A lovely lady rescued me and my mother from the streets of a small town..
The lady took us to a local shelter .
We have a wonderful volunteers in a shelter and they took a good care of us . We are safe .
But.. That was more then a year ago.... I dream about You.
I love humans:) . I have a very sweet and gentle temperament. Easygoing and very trainable.
I enjoy playing with other dogs and friendly with everyone:) ...but much prefer to keep you, my Human , to myself at home for cuddles on the sofa. We could spend a lot of time together ... We can cuddle up in the car after a good walk or sit outside a cafe having bacon butties. A lady in a shelter said I have to be patient and keep my hope for You.
I would like to have a lovely secure garden where I can play and chase a ball ...
If you say yes to being mine, I promise you that you'll have the best time ever!
My pawprints will be all over your bed and heart. So, will you be my Special Human ?
Lots of love, Julie ❤️
If you think Julie is for you please send pm to
Vasilisa Russo
and I can provide full info for adoption.
All dogs come to UK under protection of our charity fully legal with EU passport, microchip,vaccinated and neuter ,rescue back up and 5 weeks free pet insurance .
SEX: Female
SIZE: Medium
Weight: 10 kg
60cm length from tip of nose to base of tail
38cm height to shoulders
48cm height to top of head
Around 9-10kgs

Location: Cyprus
Age: Approx 5 years old old
Gender: Male
Guardian(s): Vasilisa
Status: Adopted

Added: 2nd January 2021