Sally is still looking for home 🙏🏻❤️
My name is Sally 🙂 A beautiful name for a beautiful 3.5 yo Bluetick Coonhound cross girl like I am 🙂
I have been in rescue since I was a puppy...for a long 3 years ...for all my life 🥺❤️
I been rescued by a kind person from a streets in a poor condition when I was just a puppy ...
She took me to a secure shelter and a wonderful people look after me since......
I am patiently calmly waiting inside my cage ... I rarely bark. But I jump up every time ,when people go by .. I ask for attention... I keep thinking it is YOU ...You come for me .. 3 long years I am waiting and waiting for YOU ..
I am in my best now . I have a lot of energy but not crazy 😜 like some of my friends:) I like to be stroked ,but I won’t overload you with my attention and will give you your space.
I am good with other dogs, male and female. When I have a chance to be outside of my cage, I enjoy a good run and like to play with other dogs. Because I never have had YOU in my life I don’t know how it is to be in a house or play with you ..or toys ... but I we can work on that together..
I have been in rescue for a long four years ...for all my life ..and while I enjoy spending time with the people here, I'd much rather be with you, taking long walks and snuggling up on the sofa.
I have lots of energy and lots of love to give, but I would prefer to be in a home with adults or older children. Please will you be my The One ?

Location: Cyprus
Age: Approx 3 years old old
Gender: Male
Guardian(s): Vasilisa
Status: Adopted

Added: 2nd January 2021