Is Brian destined to spent all his life in a shelter just because he isn’t perfect? Would he be on a soft sofa by now if his eye didn’t have a problem?
Brian is an amazing, playful and friendly boy about 4 years old. God knows what he suffered in his life so far and how he got his eye injured.
But although he suffered, despite he is been let down many times, he still loves people and craves for attention.
Brian needs an understanding home and although he was diagnosed with leish, he has been treated and currently takes 2 pills a day. FAAR will support any adopter for the lifetime of Brian, we will provide guidance and advise
Please do not overlook Leish Positive dogs, they can have a normal full life, and we are here to advise and help

Location: Cyprus
Age: Approx 4 Years old old
Gender: Male
Status: Available

Added: 2nd January 2021