He just stopped hoping. Can we change that?
When Mucky first came to the shelter he was just over 1 year old. He was so scared and shacking it was really heartbreaking to see him so distressed. It was just after summer, and everyone was hoping he would be in soft warm bed before winter. That never happened. He spent the winter in the shelter, and then again the next winter and the next winter and the next winter and then time just stopped and we lost counting 💔 he have seen all his friends leave the shelter but it was never his turn. He stopped hoping.
Mucky is now about 6 years old. He is still a shy boy but he loves treats and walks fairly ok on a lead. He loves other dogs and needs a home that understand that he will need his time to flourish and trust. 5 years are such a long time for any dog to sleep on concrete floors

Location: Cyprus
Age: Approx 6 years old old
Gender: Male
Status: Adopted

Added: 2nd January 2021