Stunning Sophie is looking for that special home! This young lady is ridiculously well behaved, although she likes to steal things and carry them around the house 😂 


She's already potty trained, and sleeps well through the night. She will need patience though, as she can be timid, and insecure. For this reason, she'll be needing someone that's home all day, or can take her along when leaving the house. This may change if there is another calm resident dog. She loves other dogs, and can be very playful, but the first few minutes of meeting can be a little awkward for her.


When she comes out of her shell, she's the silliest, goofiest girl you'd meet and will keep you laughing at her cheeky face. 


She gets along with cats, and rabbits, but obviously careful introductions are needed. She's also quite partial to veggies, and has no regrets stealing from the small furries to get her fix of sprouts, parsnips, or carrots! 😂🥕🥦


Sophie is currently on daily medication that the rescue will provide. She has been neutered and comes with full rescue backup. If you have space in your heart, and on your sofa, please feel free to contact me or Vasilisa Russo for more information.

Location: Scotland
Age: Approx 1.5 years old
Gender: Female
Guardian(s): Athina
Status: Adopted

Added: 12th January 2021