Cici was found wandering the streets confused and scared.  Living on the streets is always difficult but for the smaller dogs it even more dangerous.  Our recuer took her to the vet where it was discovered that she was microchipped but the number was not registered to anyone.   So it appears she did belong to someone (in the very loose way dogs belong to anyone in Romania) and she either got lost and her family didn't bother to add their contact details to the microchip or the more likely option where she was taken across town and dumped as her family did not want her anymore.  Thank goodness she is now safe and well.  She has been healthchecked, spayed and vaccinated and we have promised her we will find her a home where her microchip will be registered to a family  and they will never dump her only love her.  Cici is 5-6 years old and weighs about 8KGs.  Please consider this gorgeous girl.

Minimum adoption donation is £450

Location: Romania
Age: Approx 5-6 years old
Gender: Female
Guardian(s): Katrina
Status: Adopted

Added: 14th February 2021