Many years ago I attempted to stop a homeless man beating his dog with his crutch.  As i went to take the crutch from his hand the poor dog stopped howling with pain and turned to protect her owner from me.  Her loyalty to her owner was absolute and this incident made me question whether the dog loved her owner unconditionally or whether this was all she knew so accepted her fate.  Maybe a bit of both.   Meeting Cara reminded me a little of this dog from my past.  In Romania she belonged to a drunk.  Each night she would wait patiently by the gate waiting for her owner to return from the bar.   More often than not she would get a beating or kicking from her intoxicated owner.  Some days when he went on a bender she would wait in the same place for days with no food and just a bowl of dirty water to drink from.   She never ran away, never showed any aggression but just waited.   Our rescuer had seen her so many times but the owner refused to give her up.  One day when the owner was particulary drunk she persuaded to let her take Cara for a cheap bottle of local spirits.  She immediately removed her to a safe place.

Cara is now in foster in Middlesex.  She is understandably shy and will need lots of love and patience to continue growing in confidence.  She is both gentle and sweet and so needs a family of her own to give her the stability she needs.   She loves to play with her foster brothers so we are looking for a home for her that has a playful but calm and confident resident dog.  She also needs a home where her family will be home for much of the time.

Please consider this gorgeous girl.  Investment in her will bring the most unimaginable reward.

Cara is approximately 15kgs.  Breed unknown.  Spayed and Vaccinated.

Location: U.K.
Age: Approx 20 MONTHS old
Gender: Female
Status: Adopted

Added: 4th March 2021