Over the years I have read about and witnessed so many desperate and sad situations.  One can become a little emotionally numb.  But this story really made me so very sad not only for Bella but it exemplifies the whole and very frustrating battle we have in Romania.

Bella belonged to a family from when she was a puppy.  She did not live in the house but stayed in the yard.  At a very young age she fell pregnant.  Her owners didn't understand dogs can get pregnant at 6 months old and they didn't want to spay her as they didn't want to commit a sin.  Poor Bella, only a baby herself gave birth to 5 pups.  The family gave all the babies away on the internet when they were only 4 weeks old.  They didn't want them in the yard anymore because of all the poop.  Even though she was so young and a first time mummy, Bella was so distraught at not being able to find her babies and she would not stop howling and crying while she paced the yard looking for them.  The family became so angry with her behaviour they shouted at her and kicked her.  The 10 year old daughter of the owners had the compassion to want to help Bella in some small way.  She knew one of our rescuers who lived in the same village as her.  She came to her home and asked if she would take Bella.  Of course our rescuer agreed.  The father brought Bella over and both he and the daughter walked away without a glance or kind word.  The most heartbreaking part is that Bella cried and tried to go after them.

For the first few weeks Bella was a mess.  Incredibly skinny, sad and confused.  She had to be encouraged to eat.  She missed her pups and her family.  But now she has grown in confidence and is ready for her forever home here in the UK.   She is a beautiful and kind soul.  Understandably shy at first but soon comes round once she knows she is safe.  She weighs around 8 kgs.  Light build with long legs.  Breed unknown.

Freedom Angels cannot consider homes with children under 10 years of age, applicants under 24 and homes withou direct access to a secure garden


Location: Romania
Age: Approx 1 year old old
Gender: Female
Status: Closed for Applications

Added: 14th March 2021

  • Good with children
  • Good with dogs
  • Suitable for family