Our dear darling Lola is a complex little soul so please take the time to read about her personality and hopefully help us find her a home. This is from her foster mum who is leaving the country on 13 Aug and we have to find Lola a home before then.

"Once she gets to know you, Lola is the most affectionate, loyal and cuddly dog you could possibly wish for. She will sleep on (not by) your feet under the desk while you are working and cuddle up to you on the sofa at any opportunity. She even tries to push away a phone or iPad, if she thinks you have been using it for too long and should be giving her more attention. She is a very bright girl, who learns very quickly and really wants to please. As any young dog she has plenty of energy and loves to play. She gets on fine with our dog after the initial introduction, but as she does love to be the center of attention and tends to look to ‘her humans’ for reassurance rather than the other dog, would equally be fine on her own we think.

However, Lola can be mistrusting of people and dogs that she has not met before. Where some dogs try to hide in that situation, she barks alot,  and if taken by surprise she can at times sound quite aggressive. She is easy enough to control and has improved dramatically already, so this is constantly improving, but it does mean she needs to go to a forever home, that have the patience to continue to help her understand that strangers are not dangerous. It would ideally need to be experienced dog owners, who are prepared to put in some time and patience at the beginning of their journey with Lola. That having been said, this would be an investment worth making, as she will pay you back tenfold in love, affection and loyalty."

Can you be Lola's new furever human ?

Location: UK
Age: Approx 2 years old old
Gender: Female
Guardian(s): Katrina
Status: Adopted

Added: 8th August 2020