Daria ended up in the hands of a bad rescue, described as a hell hole. We don’t know how long she was with them, or how she was found. We dont know if she was attacked, or if she had been left without food. We only know that this girl was petrified of people.

Since we took her from the hell hole, she has come a really long way and now Daria needs a home that will continue to help her build up her confidence. She is still very shy, scared of loud or new noises. But....

She now takes treats out of our hands, she allows us to put her lead on and she is walking quite well on her lead. A year ago this was a far away dream.

Daria is only 3 years old. She is good with other dogs. She has all her life to start over again and leave her bad memories behind. Let’s prove to this little girl that she can still trust humans.

She deserves a second chance at a happy ever after doesn’t she?



Location: CYPRUS
Age: Approx 3 old
Gender: Female
Status: Available

Added: 9th August 2020

  • Good with dogs
  • Suitable for family