Lupin was abandoned with his sister in a rubbish dump in Romania.  His fur was totally matted as he has non shedding type of coat that forms a thick matt and it must have been teribly uncomfortable for him.  He will need to be professonally groomed every six weeks.  But he lovely and soft and sheds very little.  His lead training still needs some work as does his recall but Lupin is smart and learns fast.  He is still in the stages of puppyhood and he will steal your shoes, the remote control, loo rolls if he is given half the chance.  He absolutely adores playing with other dogs and gains a lot of confidence from them so for this reason he can only be homed if there is a dog in the home.

He would like a home with someone who is home a lot and likes to take him for longs walks.  He also needs a garden.  His fosters mum final words to me "Lupiin is a gentle sweet boy who is an absolute cracker.

Lupin is in foster in the South East of England

Location: U.K.
Age: Approx 1 year old
Gender: Male
Guardian(s): Katrina
Status: Adopted

Added: 16th September 2020