We have recently posted fluffy little puppies that everyone clamours for, but let us remember Ursula was once a beautiful and fluffy puppy so many years ago.  Tragically Ursula never had the life that a puppy deserves.  No toys, no bed, no family and no love.  She was born in a cage.  She was the only puppy to survive but if she could talk she would tell us she wished she had died too.  She has remained in that cage for the whole of her life.  She watched her mother die of cancer 3 years ago and since then she has had no company.  She is fed and watered but NEVER leaves the cage, that is her home.  Despite this she is not shut down or scared.  She craves human attention and when we saw her in February we promised we would not let her die in there and we would come back for her.  COVID has delayed our plans but we have recently been able to get her to the vets to ensure she is healthy and have her vaccinations.  She is a very friendly girl but will need someone at home alot to help her adjust to the life she deserves.  In the three weeks she has been out we have seen amazing progress.   She will make a lovely companion and has so much love saved up in her.

Location: Romania
Age: Approx 6.5 old
Gender: Male
Guardian(s): Katrina
Status: Adopted

Added: 19th September 2020