EDIT 27/9
Lucy's fundraiser is up and running!👏
Please help us help this precious soul 🙏
If you could only meet her and see the gem that she is... ❤🐾
All donations already made through other outlets will be added today, as offline donations.
EDIT 22/9, 18.00
I m really really SAD and honestly cannot understand why this beautiful face, who is always happy no matter what, does not speak to anyone's heart but mine!
It brings tears to my eyes thinking of her on that hard concrete floor in her pen, being unable to help her more without the necessary funds.
She really is one of the best characters ever and needs an expensive treatment to be able to live a normal and long life.
If you want to help please read further below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Lucy Liu popped by to say “HELLO”🐶 to all of you lovely people asking how she’s doing!
Third physio session today and Alex, Lucy’s physiotherapist, is very happy with her progress! 👏👏👏
Her bad leg was extremely stiff when originally started physio about a week ago. Three sessions later, the stiffness is improving and so is the movement in the leg.
Our aim is to build the muscles there so that a corrective ortho surgery would have much higher chances of being successful in the long run.
Lucy smiles to us and wags her tail to say 🙏“THANK YOU”🙏 for trying to get her better.

Location: Cyprus
Gender: Female
Guardian(s): Marina
Status: Adopted

Added: 30th September 2020