Who loves bedtime stories?
This story’s ending is yet to be written and we get to write together if is going to be a happy ending or not.
So tonight our story is about a senior girl called Noodles. The most stubborn dog we have ever met, but also sooo sooo beautiful. Noodles was found when she was only 12 months old. She moved in a shelter where people love her soo much but she only gets that love for few hours every now and then. She loves running in the playground sniffing like crazy but she only gets to sniff once every now and then. She looooooves treats and she is such a good girl, sitting wagging her bum and tail to get one but she only gets them every now and then. She might be everyone’s favorite but every now and then is not enough for any dog 😞
Noodles is about 9 years old and she has spent 8 years of her life sleeping on a cold concrete floor. During these 8 years she has killed countless of little lizards 🦎 , a couple of frogs 😬 but also got bitten 4 times by a viper 😱. Any other dogs would not have survived. But Noodles has such a strong will to live. Noodles has a strong character and needs an experienced home with not many other dogs.
Noodles has seen countless doggies leaving the shelter for a better life, the life they deserve. Her kennel mate Stina flew a couple of months ago, Trigo flew few weeks ago and now Maja and Harper are also counting the days for their freedom flight. All senior dogs waiting for years for someone to fall in love with them.
What will Noodle’s story ending be?
 SM: A2020721

Location: Cyprus
Age: Approx 9 years old old
Gender: Female
Status: Adopted

Added: 30th September 2020