Simona is very special to me and I really hope someone falls in love with her to give her a second chance and a better life.
Simona was wandering in a village since a puppy having one litter after the other and watching her puppies being taken away. She was letting noone go near her, i bet she was kicked when she was younger and decided to stay as far as away from people possible.
When we got a call from someone living in the village about some puppies our first question was ‘What about the mom?’. The puppies was easy to catch, they were only 3-4 weeks old but we were determined not to leave her behind. It took us many days to catch her, after trying everything you can possibly imagine and spending a few sleepless nights.
Now all her babies are homed. Simona is with us since May. She loves her treats, she made big progress since she came but we feel that now she needs a home to continue working with her. She may never be a super confident dog but i am sure in a home she will blossom and learn to trust.
SM: A2020543

Location: Uk Foster home
Gender: Female
Status: Available

Added: 30th September 2020