Bailey came to the UK in February where he went straight into a foster home.  He was acutely scared of everything and had never lived in a home or within a family.  Over the months he has worked so hard to be brave and his confidence is really beginning to grow.  This lad has been so much and we reallly want him to find his forever home.

Bailey will need a quiet home with only adults however he does love to play with other dogs so would be happy to have a furry brother or sister.  He eats well, walks well on the lead and is very clean in the house.  He is really starting to master general commands and will happily go to his bed when asked.  He steps happily into his harness and shows no aggression to dogs while on his walk.  He does love to squirrel watch.  And although he had no idea what to do with a to he is jusst starting to play with them

Bailey is in foster in the Northamptonshire area and would love you to come and have a meet and greet with him.


Location: U.K.
Age: Approx 3.5 years old
Gender: Male
Guardian(s): Katrina
Status: Adopted

Added: 7th October 2020