FLO (Nee Petra)

Let me start with introducing ourselves..

We are the Rogers family, my name is Luisa, my Husband Mark and we have 3 boys, Henry (18), Seth (14) and George (12). We have a Westie called Jimmy who is 13 years old.

 We had been thinking of getting a new dog to become part of the family and to be a buddy for Jimmy. We didn’t want a puppy and wanted to be able to rehome a dog. We looked online at various options and came across Petra (who I will call Flo from now on). As soon as I saw her photo and those beautiful eyes I was smitten. I contacted the lady who details were on the advert and frantically waited her reply. It wasn’t long before I heard from Mel, Flo’s foster Mum, and surprisingly they lived 10 mins away in Swindon. We chatted via text and arranged to meet the following day with my boys coming too as they were on school holiday.

 We arrived at Mel’s and she brought Flo and her buddy Morris who Mel is also fostering out, as soon as we saw and met Flo, we fell in love. We all went over to the park and the boys spent time throwing and playing fetch with her, her recall was amazing. When the walk ended we had already made our mind up that we would love her to join our family. We discussed this with Mel and arranged various visits at their house and ours so she could meet the rest of the family and of course Jimmy. The first visit we were obviously worried but there was no need, they instantly bonded and became inseparable sharing toys and beds. Over this time I had various emails with Linda and Melina from Freedom Angels to discuss the adoption process. We did a home video call (due to covid restrictions) so they could see the house and garden and to meet each other. We then completed the applications and was all approved to become Flo’s forever family.

Now to Flo…

From what we were told Flo entered a shelter in Cyprus as a young puppy and remained there until 8 months ago, when Freedom Angels rescued her and placed her into private kennels whilst they assessed and prepared her to come to the UK to find a new family. She was a very shy dog and could be spooked by loud noises and Large vehicles but the one thing she loved was running after her ball and anything that could get her a food treat. After

they were happy with her she came to the UK to Mel to foster who did an amazing job in getting her used to home life and being around daily UK activities.

Since Flo came here…

When Flo came to us on visits she was initially nervous around us but after some quite time and play she soon relaxed. We knew she loved balls so we brought various ones but tennis balls were a favourite so we had lots of walks with the ball being thrown whilst she on an extendable lead and her recall amazed us as we decided to rename her Flo so with the help of Mel we all used that so she started to respond quickly to it.

We fed her and jimmy at the same time and there was never any issue with that and they happily ate together and with Jimmy’s company she was happy to wander around the house and garden. They shared a bed and slept happily together as if they had always known each other.

From day one, Flo always had a instant bond with myself and my youngest son, she was a bit nervous around my husband and eldest’s sons.. as they are all 6ft plus they can be a bit intimidating I suppose but they spent time playing ball with her and she soon relaxed,

We gradually got her full trust and wasn’t long before she was off the lead on walks and loved running with her ball… Flo would chase a ball forever !!!!. she sleeps and snores all through the night and has never had any issues there.

Recently my husband sadly had a nasty accident so is currently bedbound whilst his injuries heal.. we have various walking frames and wheelchair in the house and this has not phased Flo at all, if anything she is aware that Mark is hurt and will sit next to his bed when I am out of the room as to say “don’t worry Mum I will look after him”, she is besotted with Jimmy and they are like brother and sister. They are partial to the odd digestive biscuit when mark has a cup of tea.. she can hear that biscuit tin a mile off hahaha. The boys adore her and she is such a joy to have around. I love my time walking with her, she has become a bit of a local celebrity as everyone recognises her with her distinctive tail and her harness has bells on so I can hear her at all times when off the lead so during the Christmas period the local school kids loved hearing her as they said she sounded like the reindeers.

All I can say is, Flo came to us seeking a forever home.. we will always be eternally grateful that she chose us to be her forever family. Every day waking up to her little woof to say “morning” make the day bright.

Thank you Freedom Angels for allowing us to adopt her.