LUNA (Nee Foxy)

Luna came to us from Cyprus and after spending a month with her lovely foster mother, Athina. She is now part of the family answering to the name Luna. Having started off her life as a stray on the streets of Cyprus, Luna has proven to be a charismatic, energetic pup with lots of love to give! Having been with us for 2 months already she has developed some really good routines and is very well behaved on her walks by the canal. She is well known amongst the local dog owners for her pretty face and one floppy ear! She’s still as full of energy as when we got her but can now freely run with her friends at the park and burn off some of the madness!! Initially, she would still want to play through bedtime however now she settles perfectly and has learnt some commands through training. She is keen to learn new tricks in return for playtime and cuddles from which she gets plenty from the whole family!

Thank you FreedomAngels for bringing her into our lives. She has brought us so much happiness.