We first saw Lola when her photo was posted on FAAR's facebook group. Unfortunately, she had a rough start to her journey when she was found by her rescuer being stoned by children! Thankfully her rescuer was in the right place at the right time and scooped her up. We have no idea of Lola's story before this time so we've no idea if she was always a stray or whether she once lived in a home. Lola came to us from Cyprus, unfortunately with the new rules for Covid we had to wait a couple of months before she could fly out to us. The day we went to pick her up it was absolutely chucking it down in the UK despite it being early July! Lola was very sleepy when we picked her up but as soon as we got home, she had a case of the zoomies and started investigating the whole house (so much for a slow introduction!). Within a few hours Lola was on the sofa cuddling us! 

The first month was difficult, Lola was a handful, we'd have zoomies every evening at about 8pm and she would just not settle or sleep so she was constantly on the go! We weren't sure whether we'd made a mistake with Lola coming in as a single dog and whether she needed a playmate. However, FAAR were so helpful in their advice and support and after working hard on her training over those first few weeks / months we really started to notice a change in her behaviour as she started to settle into our house more. We've just celebrated Lola's six-month anniversary with us and we look back on that first month like it was a dream, she is the kindest friendliest dog ever and everyone loves to meet her (We get a lot of questions asking if she's a fox!!), we feel so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives and wouldn't hesitate recommending adoption to anyone, especially with FAAR! Lola has now become a true pupfluencer (@lolawolfe_) a far cry from her previous life in Cyprus.