Dogs are from Cyprus
Arrived 04 September 2020
We originally only applied for Reggie but during the interview we heard how hard of a life both he and his sister, Ronnie had. Going from one shelter in unsanitary and traumatizing conditions to yet another one before they were rescued at 3 years old, we knew we couldn't separate brother and sister for how much they've overcome together.
We were told Reggie was the cuddle bug, a testimony to his resilience given his mistreatment and boy does he like a snuggle. While they said Ronnie was a little fearful and would be very slow to warm up.
While the first day was a little hiccup, Ronnie immediately marked her territory...on our bed. We have honestly said how lucky we are to have gotten both of them. Reggie struts around fearless with the biggest loving heart. And Ronnie still gets nervous and anxious around new stimulus like fireworks but is such a quick study with commands. We figured out early on that Reggie got the labrador traits and Ronnie definitely got the Collie brain.
Seeing both Ronnie and Reggie adjust has been so heart warming. Especially to see how much Ronnie has come out of her shell in such a short period of time. She loves being off leash in our park to chase squirrels and say hello to every dog, paws you to let her know she wants all the belly rubs right now please and is not shy to literally voice her impatience for you to hurry up and get your shoes on to take her out. As I'm writing this, she's sprawled out, belly up on the other sofa with her head on her pillow snoring like a train while Reggie is curled on my lap. I think it's safe to say they know this is their furever home and we can't imagine our lives without them.