KIKA (Nee Erika)

Kika (Erika) arrived from Cyprus on a beautiful sunny day on the 9th of October 2020. We picked her up at our arranged meeting point - the services at junction 28 on the M1.  We were so excited to meet her and introduce her to our Weimaraner.   
The courier pulled into the carpark and quite simply handed over our Cypriot beauty along with her papers (she was a bit bigger than we anticipated), after months of waiting this dog/pony was finally ours! 
Our first day went well, we got her home and quietly introducing her to our old Weimaraner. Kika was a little subdued but thankfully ate all of her tea and seemed quite settled. She had a wee and a poo in the garden. Day one completed ✅ we were doing ok.  
Kika was a little restless at bedtime but soon got the idea it was time to sleep and chose the comfy armchair rather than the numerous dog beds we’d left scattered on the floor.  We got up early the next morning and were happy to have not been left any packages or puddles - we were cruising 😁. 
Our girl who had been in the rescue centre for a year after being picked up running free on a busy road seemed to be a dream dog if day one was anything to go by.  
Day two. So, our girl was rested and starting to find her paws. The subdued demeanour was disappearing and Kika the fun loving kangaroo was starting to emerge! In the blink of an eye, she would stand on her hand legs with her paws on my shoulders. Being looked squarely in the eye by a dog equal in height to my 5ft 7 was a little disconcerting to say the least, this was observed by our well behaved Weimaraner who clearly could not believe her eyes😳. Kika’s next trick was to spring kangaroo like onto the dining table, seriously this was a manoeuvre equitable to a circus trick, she was like an 8 week old puppy of pony sized proportions!! My husband and I had to dig deep, remember what it was like to have a puppy and call Jo Gilifan for some help! We also needed some expert advice also as our two girls weren’t getting on great together.  
Fast forward three months, where are we now? 
Kika - what can I say other than she is a complete ray of sunshine. She is funny and makes us laugh everyday. With training and positive reinforcement her kangaroo traits are hardly evident at all now. Kika is such a good girl and just loves to please. She’s like my shadow, and loves nothing better than sitting on my knee (I think she imagines herself to be a lap dog rather than a 32 kg pointer type dog). She has settled so well into our home. Although she is still not our Weim’s favourite four-legged friend, the two of them rub along quite well together.
Life with a rescue dog - do we have any regrets? Not one, this is one of the most rewarding things we have done. Would we do it again ? Yes we would in a 💗