Ria (formerly Aria) is from Cyprus.  We have had her since the end of September.  Little is known of her back story but when in kennels in Cyprus she apparently cried to get out every time a human walked past.  Ria is not a street dog – she is completely familiar with everything about a house, being walked, the car, meeting other dogs, cats, etc and has just slotted straight into our lives. She has been loved in the past and has had some training.  I can only speculate that at 8 years old she was either considered too old by her owner or her owner died, and relatives dumped her.

Apart from a couple of scent markings on day 1, Ria has been very well behaved. She was in foster in the UK for about 3 weeks and the foster mum was able to give us plenty of information about her. If anything, I would say her increased confidence is leading to her showing her more naughty side.  We have found her on our dining table hoovering up crumbs, and trying to keep her away from the cat’s food is a mental challenge.  She also started to be occasionally lead aggressive towards some dogs on walks after the first month and we continue to work on that.

On the whole, she has been a dream to rehome and is a wonderful family pet. At 8, she is unlikely to go for long walks with us but I was looking for a more of a companion dog anyway as I work from home, even pre-Covid.  I love taking on older dogs and find they fit my lifestyle better than a younger one.  I looked for a dog for months after my last one passed away and became very frustrated but in hindsight, the perfect dog was matched with me eventually. Strangely two other potential adopters for Ria dropped out of the process before I found her.  As we say in Scotland, “what is for you, won’t go past you”.